1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 SOLD!

"History At Its Flying Best"

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Travel Air 6000 B

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1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084

**One of Only Two Flying!**

Only 6000 Hrs. Total Time since 1929
375 Hrs. on Wright 975



1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084


NC9084 was one of the first aircraft to attempt mid-air refueling. She is the receiving aircraft and flew for two weeks without landing.


See vintage  pictures of this aircracft including the 1930 mid-air refueling.



A trip through the log book is a trip through history with everything from delivering mail when “air mail” meant by air, transporting critically injured patients in Alaska, delivering smoke jumpers onto Montana wild fires, high altitude surveying, camera work and promotional stunts. This nearly 80-year-old lady has done it all!

1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084


Completely Restored with Current Annual Certificated under FAR part 135/91

1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084



This historic aircraft was completely restored in 2002 to its’ 1929 GLORY, Including original wicker seats, roll down cockpit windows, instrument panel including an original brass flashlight and factory rear lavatory

1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084With the availability of modern materials, this aircraft is better than when it left the factory in 1929. The restoration team used all new Spruce, Stits Fabric / Stits Poly-Tone paint and Resorcinol glue, The team didn't rebuild the wings.... they built new wings using copies of the original technical prints and the old wings as templates. All Metal parts were magna-fluxed, cad-plated then magna-fluxed again for total Quality Assurance. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS OVERLOOKED AND NO EXPENSE WAS SPARED! Click the accompanying restoration slide show to see how a true ground up restoration is actually done!

1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084

This aircraft comes with:

  • Complete History from 1929
  • Complete Spare Engine with Front Exhaust
  • Original 1934 EDO floats
  • Original 1929 Bacon Skis
  • Additional Wicker Seats

  • Travel Air 6000B, Ready for '08

    Ready for 2008

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    of the 2002 restoration.

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 New Cowling

    New Cowling

    Travel Air 6000 B outfitted with EDO Floats

    Outfitted with EDO Floats

    Looking Through the Port Hole

    A view from the Lavatory

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 w/ Bacon Skies

    Outfitted with Bacon Skies

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 Cockpit

    The Cockpit

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 Interior

    Passenger Seating

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 Lavatory

    A Neccesity for the Long Fight

    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084 w/ wheels

    A Striking Pose

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    1929 Travel Air 6000 B NC9084

    Rear Cabin View

    A Historic Aircraft and Aviation Treasure
    1929 Travel Air S6000B
    Limousine of the Air